The integration of drilling results (about 100 wells) and all seismic surveys of MOGT-3D (10 surveys with different excitation conditions) on the territory of Srednemessoyakh shaft into one unique project (super cube), with an area of about 3.5 thousand km2, made it possible to detail geological structure of the site and develop approaches for evaluation of the filtration-capacitive properties, justification of the deposits boundaries and perspective traps. In this paper, we examined the revealed features of the structure of the productive strata of the Lower Neocomian oil and gaz complex (groups BU22, BU21 and BU16) and shows the approaches to the substantiation of the facies conditions and the forecast of the filtration-capacitive properties. These layers form a clinoform complex. This complex has difficult geological structure, which required the involvement and co-development of a variety of geological and geophysical information, including the results of paleotectonic reconstructions, seismic facies analysis, geostatistical analysis of seismic attributes, sedimentological core studies, electrofacies definition by Muromtsev V.S. (curves PS and Aps). As a result, a facies model


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