The seismoelectric effect, discovered by Thompson more than 80 years ago, has again attracted attention of scientific community. In connection with the development of recording systems with a high dynamic range and digital methods of data processing and analysis, it became possible to apply seismoelectric effects arising in rocks to construct a seismoelectric geo-transect, which is important in solving problems of exploration geophysics, in particular in searching for productive anomalies of hydrocarbons, and in diagnostic of the geodynamic state of Earth’s crust. The analysis of synchronous variations of seismic oscillations and vertical component of the electric field intensity at Earth’s surface at the Geophysical observatory “Mikhnevo” shows that either practically synchronous variations of seismic oscillations and vertical component of the electric field intensity in the surface layer of the atmosphere or with a significant delay are observed. The quantitative relationship between the amplitudes of the seismic and the induced electrical signal was determined for the first time. The analysis indicates a significant correlation between the researched parameters.


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