The Soviet geophysics S.G. Komarov and L.P. Gorbenko first noticed to the problem of the influence of ground surface relief on the distribution of electric field. The main features of the electric field anomalies, which arise on the relief were clear already then. It was found that anomalies of apparent resistivity of the minimum type arise over a positive relief forms due to a decrease of the current density, and anomalies of the maximum type arise over negative forms of relief due to an increase in the current density ( ). At the moment, the electrical tomography has a complicated situation during observations in conditions of complex Earth’s surface relief. There are several commercial inversion programs ( ; ERTLab Solver, 2017; ) and a small number of academic programs ( ; Jian-ke Qiang at al., 2013; Erdogan at al., 2008; , Marchenko, 1999) available to a wide range of geophysicists. However, none of these programs is open, although these programs are often successfully used in practice. Therefore, there always arises the question of the degree of reliability of those calculations that we obtain using one or another inversion code. So, it should always be remembered that the construction of the result geoelectric section is usually obtained through solving a direct problem.


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