In systems based on fiber-optic sensors, an optical fiber can serve as both a medium for transmitting information and a sensitive element. The DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) technology deploys optical fiber as a sensor for measuring acoustic effects with high spatial resolution over entire length of receiving system. The range of application of this technology is very wide and includes the protection of perimeters of long objects, monitoring of roads and railways, monitoring of the pipelines condition, dams and other complex and highly sensitive engineering structures, microseismic monitoring, hydraulic fracturing monitoring, permanent monitoring of deposits, etc. The technology of distributed acoustic sounding for vertical seismic profiling (VSP) was applied relatively recently ( ).

Compared to classic borehole tools based on geophones, the fiber optic distributed measuring system is much lower in price, provides real time seismic data acquisition over the entire length of the well and limits operational risks, as it requires a one-time setup for all subsequent observations ( ).


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