Despite the fact that no strong earthquake (> M6) occurred during the investigation period in the region, some meaningful relationship between anomalies in radon/thoron concentration and seismic events have been found. It was observed that both soil radon and thoron data seems to be affected by variation in the meteorological parameters. During the investigation period there are two radon peaks (≥ +2SD) and these were correlated with the relevant seismic events. The so-called postquake reduction was observed for radon minimum value during the measuring period. It is interesting to note that most of the seismic events occurred along the Indo-Burmese arc during the investigation period (Fig. 2) suggesting significant disturbance between the plate tectonics along the Indo-Burmese subduction zone. It can be seen that continuous soil radon/thoron measurements at weekly intervals were not frequent enough to obtain a precise interpretation of the data. A long term database is needed for better results for which work is in progress.


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