We developed a passive surface wave method that delineates 2D or 3D near-surface S-wave velocity (VS) structure from ambient noise obtained from dozens of receivers on the ground surface. A new cableless (nodal) seismograph that includes CPU, A/D converter, GPS clock, Wi-Fi, batteries and SD card was developed and used for data acquisition. The GPS clock permits units to be synchronized over any distance without cables. Ambient noise was recorded using a receiver spacing small enough to avoid spatial aliasing. A common midpoint spatial autocorrelation (CMP-SPAC) method was used to process ambient noise. First, coherencies were calculated for all pairs of receivers. Next, coherencies having common midpoint (CMP) were grouped together and a dispersion curve was calculated at each CMP. A one-dimensional inversion with horizontal constraint was used to estimate a 2D or 3D VS model. This paper summarizes the equipment and method and provides a field example.


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