In this study, two different historical structures built in Trabzon have been evaluated by microtremor, seismic-refraction (SRT) and multi-channel surface wave analysis (MASW) measurements. One of the investigated structures is Atatürk Pavilion built in the 19th century and the other one is Hagia Sophia built in the 13th century. The microtremor measurements were taken both inside and outside of structures to determine predominant frequency and H/V ratios. Moreover, SRT&MASW measurements were collected on the ground. Thus, underground geometry, longitudinal and shear wave velocities were calculated. The results show that average predominant frequency and H/V ratios of Atatürk Pavilion, Hagia Sophia and its tower are 4.06-4.77-2.47Hz, and 2.60-1.66-6.92 respectively. The predominant frequency and H/V ratios of soils of Atatürk Pavilion and Hagia Sophia are also 7.89-4.42Hz and 2.29-1.87 respectively. Furthermore, Vp values of Atatürk Pavilion vary from 300–2070m/s, and Hagia Sophia values change between 450–2200m/s. The average Vs30 values of the Atatürk Pavilion and the Hagia Sophia are also 500 and 575m/s. Finally, it is thought that the probability of resonance risk at Atatürk Pavilion is rather low. Also, seismic velocities indicate that soil of the Atatürk Pavilion is relatively stiff. However, resonance risk should be considered at the Hagia Sophia.


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