The risk of a possible rockslide in Åknes, western Norway is very high (observed movement: 5–8 cm per year) and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has engaged in evaluating countermeasures. The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) has conducted ERT investigations in Åknes ten years ago, followed by inversion and interpretation which aided geological understanding at the time however, groundwater drainage is now proposed as a new approach to control the unstable masses. The goal for this project is to provide NVE with updated ERT results and interpretations which are compatible with software such as PETREL in order to create a 3D multidisciplinary model for Åknes. In this sense, a recent ERT profile has been added to the 10 old ones and new processing and interpretation took place with the use of up-to-date Res2DInv software. Topography was obtained from contemporary LiDAR data whereas the inverted resistivity statistics combined with prior NGU experience formed and shaped the color scale utilized and thus highlighted both water-saturated and fractured bedrock areas, drained or otherwise. Reprocessing of ERT has provided updated inversion results and fine-tuned interpretations exported in ASCII format and thus enabling more 3D plotting possibilities regardless of software used.


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