The results of direct-prospecting methods using for searching and delineation of “man-made” fuel accumulations on the ground and underground petroleum storage facilities are analyzed. The studies were carried out with using the method of frequency-resonance processing of satellite images and geoelectric methods FSPEF and VERS. At the ground storage area 12 anomalous zones have been detected and mapped at the resonant frequencies of fuel samples from drilled wells. Within the contours of detected anomalies the most prospective areas for drilling wells to extract the “lost” fuel have been highlighted. The presence of man-made fuel accumulations in the contours of the detected anomalous zones has been confirmed by drilling. Within the fragment of investigated airport area two anomalous zones of the “aviation fuel” type have been detected and mapped. At the area of underground storage of diesel fuel the detailed ground-based works have been conducted with the geoelectric FSPEF and VERS methods using. As a result, the diesel residues of 5621.0 m3 and 243.0 m3 volume were detected and mapped in two underground tanks.. Conducted studies have demonstrated the high efficacy of individual methods of direct-prospecting geophysical technology for exploration and delineation of “man-made” petroleum accumulations.


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