While airborne electromagnetics (AEM) is routinely employed as an exploration tool for Mn mineral systems in Australian, the challenges of using the derived data to better delimit the extent of supergene Mn resources in regolith settings has received limited attention. This is particularly so for geological settings where the measured AEM response is strongly affected by IP effects. Here the question as to whether inverting for conductivity and IP can improve the definition of supergene Mn mineralisation in the subsurface, thereby helping determine the resources present is examined. The focus of this study was the Butcherbird/Yanneri Ridge deposits which occur in the Collier group in the eastern part of the Bangemall Basin in Western Australia. These deposits are highly conductive, and chargeable. A full non-linear 1D inversion of the helicopter (XTEM) time domain airborne EM data set effectively outlines the lateral and vertical extent of supergene Mn mineralisation defined in drilling, particularly when inverting for both conductivity and IP. This is not the case when just inverting for conductivity or when employing transforms on the data.


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