This paper presents the result of the Airborne Electromagnetic Induced Polarization (AEMIP) 1D inversion using the Maximum Phase Angle (MPA) Cole-Cole model reparameterization for a Helicopter Time Domain (HTEM) survey in Quadrilátero Ferrífero area, MG, Brazil. The inversion was conducted for a set of four soundings points over the mineralized structure of Lamego Gold Mine. The results demonstrate good agreement with the drill-hole lithological description data and indicates two polarizable layers: one thin layer associated with the Aumineralized banded iron formation (BIF) and the other one associated with a thick graphite schist bellow the Aumineralization. Additionally, the AEMIP inversion results might suggest improvements in the underground resistivity model, which could not be achieved if the non-complex resistivity model is considered. Keywords: AEMIP, MPA Reparameterization, HTEM, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Brazil


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