Exploration is much deeper these days. SQUID sensor is a highly sensitive magnetometer, and is currently applied to mineral exploration geophysics, Ground base Time Domain Electromagnetic, and Airborne Gradient magnetic. High quality data with low noise level would improve depth penetration. Time domain EM SQUID system Supracon Jessy-Deep and CSIRO LandTEM have been used worldwide these days. JOGMEC developed the SQUID system for TDEM, named SQUITEM. This paper describes our newly developed 3ch system, MLEM trial results at Mallee Bull mineralization in NSW Australia.


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  5. Peel mining ASX announcement “Mallee Bull Resources Grows 65% TO 175,000t CuEq1” on 6th July 2017, http://www.peelmining.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/PEX_MR_20170706.pdf
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