This study focuses on petrophysical characterization and rock physics diagnostics of the reservoir sandstones of Sognefjord Formation in the Smeaheia area that penetrated by an exploration well 32/4-1. The large scale CO2 storage site “Smeaheia” is located east of the Troll field in the Stord Basin. The CO2 storage formation is identified within a fault block bounded by major faults to the north, east and west, where the faults system in the east is the Øygarden Fault Complex and the fault to the west and north is the Vette Fault. The storage formation has pinched out towards the south. Petrophysical analysis and rock physics diagnostics suggest that the reservoir sandstone is uncemented and has good to excellent reservoir quality. The reservoir sandstone can be subdivided into three zones where the lower unit (Zone-3) has an excellent reservoir quality (high porosity, high permeability and less clay content) compared to the upper unit (Zone-1 and Zone-2). The two carbonate stringers are present in Zone-3 interpreted as extremely high resistivity, high density, high Vp and low porosity/permeability units which could be flow barriers based on their lateral extent.


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