A re-establishment of the Svelvik Field Laboratory for active CO2 migration monitoring is accompanied with numerical pre-injection site investigations using a poro-elastic description of the glacio-fluvial and marine deposits. The aim is to discriminate pressure and saturation effects of CO2 injection and provide an optimized layout for a multi-physical monitoring campaign. Near surface and appraisal well grain size analysis and appraisal well logging data are used to constrain the elastic properties of a forward model. Results of the previous monitoring campaign and simulation for the planned injection are used to design the layout of the individual monitoring technologies optimized for a range of plume migration scenarios. The monitoring campaign and observation well locations are designed such that the CO2 plume will be captured by cross-well data. The simulated gas saturations and pressures are used to obtain elastic parameters describing the acoustic response. Using worst to best case scenarios being based of rock physical parameters provide resulting sensitivities to particular conformance criteria.


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