Seismic Interferometry can be defined from a computationally point of view as the cross-correlation or the deconvolution process between seismic signals, in order to retrieve virtual sources or receivers where only are placed receivers or sources, respectively. This method is mainly used in passive seismics and oil exploration. Depending on the approach, the receivers could be placed over the Earth’s surface or in Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSP). The seismic interferometry becomes an expensive method when is used large seismic data. This because the cross-correlation and the deconvolution between sources is done to each sample in time and space of its receivers. Then, if the seismic data have a large sampling in time and space, this process can become unfeasible with a serial approach algorithm. In this work we will investigate the parallel implementation of the classic seismic interferometric methods based in cross-correlation and deconvolution approaches, in order to find an efficient way to compute them. In the numerical experiments of this work we will consider a 64-bit CPU’s Intel Xeon.


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