In a mature asset, lies an undrilled but high PoS target. This Jurassic sandstone target has an estimated pressure of 9,500 psi and is directly overlaid by a Paleocene chalk field that has been on production for the last 20 years, depleting the chalk reservoir pressure from 6,000 psi to 1,000 psi.

How can we safely drill a well to appraise and produce the hydrocarbons from this untapped deeper reservoir located below the highly depleted reservoir? Significant challenges such as the fixed surface location, large offset to the target, complex overburden has been taken in account. A number of trajectory concepts have been studied and several options have been ruled out based on feasibility.

Based on an in-depth integrated assessment, the selected well concept to appraise and develop the opportunity is a well drilled from the existing platform with a low development cost related to facilities modifications.


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