Recently, PETRONAS has acquire high density rich azimuth OBN multi-component seismic in Bokor field, Offshore Sarawak Malaysia (Ghazali et. al, 2018). It is found that the PP image is much superior compared to the PS image where PS suffers even more strong ‘gas clouds’ effect ( Figure 1 ). The amplitude attenuation in PS image is also worse than PP image. These obtained data are basically opposing to our current understanding on the multicomponent seismic data. Hence, in this paper we are investigate the possible reason on PS scattering and amplitude attenuation seen in the PS image section by modelling the full elastic wavefield using 2nd order finite difference staggered grid scheme with advance HPML technique. This analysis may help in the interpretation of the seismic data to distinguish between the reflections and the multiples for better reservoir characterization and may help in quality control of multicomponent processing.


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