In this paper, we introduce an integrated electric/electromagnetic methodology for mapping the dynamic resistivity variations during hydrocarbon production, injection and well intervention. Our approach combines surface and cross-hole measurements and allows obtaining time-lapse models of 3D resistivity distribution between the wells and the surface. The discussion is focused on 3D and 4D inversion of cross-hole DC (Direct Current) measurements, combined with surface-to-borehole DC data. Modelling and inversion of both synthetic and laboratory data confirm that joint cross-hole and surface DC tomography allows mapping reservoir fluid variations even in case of metallic components of the well completion.


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  1. Dell'Aversana, P., ServodioR., Cappuccio, P., Carniani, C., Rizzo, E.
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    [Google Scholar]
  2. McNeice, G.W., Colombo, D.
    , 2018. 3D inversion of surface to borehole CSEM for waterflood monitoring. Extended abstract, SEG International Exposition and 88th annual Meeting, pp. 878–880.
    [Google Scholar]

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