Two dimensional Electrical Resistivity Tomography methods was used to investigate a proposed dam site in Egiin gol, northern Mongolia, to delineate the nature of the subsurface structures to assess its suitability for the construction of dam. The main objectives are to investigate the depth to the bedrock, possible geologic structures, such as possible presence of faults, fractures, voids and clay in the dam axis and abutments. The selected method has the possibility to give an image of the subsurface and map lateral and vertical variations in the subsurface geology of the site. Total 7 2D electrical resistivity tomography profiles with Wenner-Schlumberger array were conducted, the space between electrodes is 5m and the lengths of the profiles are 240 m. The depth of the investigation is assumed to be 40 m. These results are confirmed and verified by using several boreholes data were drilled on the recommendation of the surveys. The results showed that the Egiin gol site is suitable for the construction of the proposed dam


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