Enhancement of experimental basis of thermal petrophysics during last years allowed to provide new opportunities for investigation of oil shale formations. Modifications of optical scanning instruments, new technologies of continuous thermal core logging and for thermal property measurements on rock cuttings, measurements at elevated temperatures, recording thermal property variations with a spatial resolution of 0.2-1 mm are widely applied for Bazhen and Domanic formations. The approaches to processing thermal core logging results and combination of thermal profiling data with standard well-logging data resulted in recording continuous profiles of total organic carbon, sonic velocities, rock density, elastic modulus, porosity, natural radioactivity, electric resistivity, et al. Techniques were developed for transformation of 2D thermal property distributions in 2D distributions of total organic carbon, porosity, elastic properties. It was established that the thermal core logging technology is able to supplement or substitute the rock scratching technology. The approach was developed to determine the rock thermal properties from the standard petrophysical well-logging data. The new experimental basis of thermal petrophysics provides also development of representative databases on the rock thermal properties for basin modeling and for hydrodynamic modeling at development and optimization of thermal methods of EOR.


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