With the development of oil and gas fields in eastern China towards the stage of fine exploration, higher seismic resolution is required. How to improve the imaging accuracy of thin sand bodies and small faults is an important factor in identifying favorable reservoirs. Because of the narrow frequency band and small azimuth, conventional seismic exploration is difficult to meet the exploration needs of thin reservoirs and small faults of 3–5 meters. On the basis of broadband, wide-azimuth and high-density(BWH) data acquisition and processing, the viscoelastic pre-stack time migration can effectively compensate the attenuation of high frequency seismic wave absorption caused by viscous and thin layer scattering of the earth medium, restore the attenuated high frequency components, and further obtain high resolution migration imaging results. The application of actual data shows that the method can obtain higher resolution migration imaging results than conventional pre-stack time migration, and the result data effectively support the exploration deployment of horizontal wells for tight oil in this area.


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