A stable and fast numerical approach to synthesize the seismic prestack AVP gather based on the wave-equation in the frequency domain is presented in this abstract. As a powerful method to extract rock property information, wave-equation based seismic amplitude-variation-with-offset (WEB-AVO) inversion relies much on the corresponding forward modelling engine. To solve the state equations of Lippman-Schwinger type numerically, in the new method, we firstly convert the two integral formulas into a large linear system of equations, in which the total wavefields (pressure and particle velocity) are treated as the unknown. Then, the least-square method is used to solve the total wavefields. Further, introducing the pre-conditioner is essential, and the robustness of this scheme is great improved. For efficiency, parallel computing method is also used to solve the wavefield at different frequency points simultaneously. Two numerical examples demonstrate the effectiveness and superiority of the method.


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