Structural traps related to weak strike-slip faults have been proven to be potential hydrocarbon-enriched zones in the exploration practice. However, they are difficult to be effectively identified in the seismic profile by conventional techniques. Previous studies suggest the good response of stress field to weak strike-slip faults. Accordingly, this study proposes a three-dimensional stress body-based weak strike-slip fault identification technique. First, the relationship between formation deformation, lithologic variation, and stress field is established. Specifically, the structural curvature body is used to represent the formation deformation, which is obtained by second-order derivation of the wave number domain, while Poisson's ratio and Young's modulus data volumes are employed to reflect the spatial lithologic variation, which are calculated by the multivariate linear fitting method. Finally, the three-dimensional stress body is determined according to the relational equation, and subsequently the weak strike-slip faults are effectively identified.

This study takes the No.1 Fault in the JZ Structure, Bohai Bay Basin as an example. Through seismic interpretation using the proposed technique, it is proved that study area is horsetail structure and a series of structural traps are pinpointed. In general, this technique can well identify weak strike-slip faults and has important significance for seismic interpretation.


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