The delta of the Aceh River dominates the coastal landscape around Banda Aceh. The areas were constructed by paleochannel activities in the past. We propose to learn the past history of these formation, so that we might provide a better understanding of paleotsunami impact around coastal area of Banda Aceh. As a preliminary study, we have conducted electromagnetic induction method measurement in the suspected of paleochannel area in Rumpet village, eastern of Banda Aceh. The EM induction measures an apparent electrical conductivity at the surface, which represents a weighted average of the electrical conductivity distribution over a certain depth range. The measurements were performed along a profile with 250 meters length and 10 meter spacing between stations crossing the suspected buried paleochannel. The apparent conductivity data collected along the profile clearly reflect geometry of the expected paleochannel in the area. Compared to electrical resistivity methods, the electrical conductivity data of the EM induction methods reveal almost the same trend as showed in the electrical resistivity model. Therefore we propose that the EM induction method is potentially used for paleochannel investigation, especially in preliminary study since the EM induction method can be operated fast and costly effective in large areas surveys.


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