3D seismic reflection data were acquired in the Kylylahti polymetallic mine in the Outokumpu mining district of Eastern Finland within the framework of ERA-MIN COGITO-MIN project. A mix of dynamite and Vibroseis sources was used forming a sparse and irregular pattern. Data were processed by a conventional workflow up to post-stack/pre-stack time migration, which provided a suboptimal image of the steeply-dipping Kylylahti formation. Depth imaging followed with a standard Kirchhoff pre-stack depth migration (PreSDM) and coherency-based Fresnel Volume Migration (CBFVM) using smooth velocity model obtained from the first-arrival tomography. With this approach, we were able to image the base of the Kylylahti formation as verified by a match with a borehole-constrained geological model, as well as its internal reflectivity structure with shallow, steeply-dipping reflectors.


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