We discuss an efficient multiple suppression workflow applied to the processing of seismic data covering the Valemon and Kvitebjørn fields. Both fields are deep and structurally complex. An interference of very strong multiples, mainly water-layer peg-legs from a hard and shallow water-bottom, with much weaker and broken up reservoir horizons makes successful multiple removal quite challenging. In the project we used a combination of 3D WEREM for the prediction and removal of water-layer multiples together with 3D SRME to both predict and suppress the remaining free-surface multiples. A consistency between the multiple prediction and the following adaptive subtraction in all the steps applied, has been a major factor for the overall success in de-multiple without harming the primaries. Compared with earlier versions, there are significant improvements in the final image quality. In the reservoir zone, the faults, the primaries and the dips of the primaries are significantly better defined, which is vital for both confident reservoir zone interpretation and further well planning.


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