Multidimensional problem of the petrophysical properties inversion is ill posed and strongly affected by noise and measurement errors. Stochastic simulation has become the most popular approach to obtain seismic reservoir characterization. Based on stochastic simulation, we proposed a probabilistic petrophysical properties inversion method. Prior distribution of the petrophysical variables, statistical rock-physics model, and stochastic simulation are used to determine the posterior distribution of the petrophysical properties. Statistical rock-physics modeling gives the relation between elastic and petrophysical variables. Conditional distributions of petrophysical properties are acquired by stochastic sampling and probability theory. Mathematical method is applied in the probabilistic method, which is applied successfully in AVO inversion. Advantage of stochastic sampling methods is that it correctly sample the target probability distribution even though the a-priori distribution is not defined in a closed form. Application of the proposed method to real data gives good results.


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