In recent years full-waveform inversion has become very popular as a velocity model building tool, especially in areas with complex overburden. Inversion of OBC data usually provides better resolution of the velocity models than one of streamer data due to better azimuth coverage, illumination and longer offsets. In this paper, we investigate the effect of the regularization term in the misfit function on the inversion results. For this purpose, we establish two reference cases on OBC and streamer data, where inversion results are obtained using similar parameter setups. In these reference tests gradients are pre-conditioned by conventional 3D gradient operator of the same size. Inversion of OBC data results in the best resolved velocity model. When we precondition the gradient by the regularization instead of a 3D gaussian operator, the resolution of the velocity model obtained from FWI on streamer data considerably improves. The acquisition footprint reduces. The details in the velocity model are somewhat similar to those visible on the reference case from OBC data.


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