Due to the influence of shallow biogas, it is difficult to get the accurate structural imaging velocity and nice identification accuracy of the thin interbedded gas layers only through P-P data. SH-SH wave with the horizontal source and PP-wave with the vertical source was directly excited and received with 3C receivers to solve the structural and reservoir characterization problems jointly. The researches show that the SH-SH wave data has a good imaging in the gas cloud area, which can recover the structural form of the gas reservoir area properly and well identify the pseudo structure caused by near surface anisotropy; SH-SH data has a higher lateral resolution than P-P data on the faults, which is good to the structure interpretation of gas reservoir; SH-SH and P-P wave data have a substantially consistent frequency range in their respective propagation time domains. After an SH-SH and P-P wave matching, SH-SH wave has a wider frequency band than P-P wave; the near-offset SH-SH wave has a higher S/N ratio than the P-P wave, thus it is much easier to identify the gas-bearing reservoir using the seismic attributes and the inversion results of the P-P and SH-SH wave data.


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