This paper present the first ever large scale commercial hexasource wide tow marine acquisition survey. The survey was acquired with a source-over-cable setup, utilizing a streamer vessel in the front, trailed by a source vessel midway down the streamers, towing the 6 wide-tow small compact sources. This setup allows for dense even source-line spacing of ~55m as well as providing split-spread full azimuth seismic shot gathers. The resulting data has a native spatial sampling of only 5 × 6.25m. Compared to conventional seismic data, the fold exceeds an order of magnitude higher, despite maintaining a vessel sail-line separation of approximately 350m. Initial brute stack migrations of the shallow part of the new data already exceeds the image quality of any of the legacy datasets in this area. Further processing, including deblending and demultiple will enhance the quality deeper down and also improve the signal-to-noise ratio.


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