Regional seismic studies performed for the first time on Taymyr in the 21st century allowed to fundamentally change the existing ideas about the geological structure of the Taymyr folded area and adjacent territories of the West Siberian, North Karsky and Khatanga-Vilyuisky sedimentation basins. Until recently, the main information on the geological structure of Mountain Taymyr was based mainly on the geological surveys data. The Taymyr folded-thrust region is subdivided into three different large structural-tectonic zones: North-Central and South-Taymyr, separated by the Main Taimyr and Pyasino-Faddeyevsky deep faults - thrusts. These three zones differ in the tectonic structure, the material composition of the sections of the strata forming them, and the development history. At the same time, the South-Taymyr zone remained the least studied, since for the most part it was overlapped by Mesozoic-Cenozoic sediments (West-Taymyr and South-Taymyr Mesozoic monoclises).


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