The Norne Field started production in 1997 and up to 2006 the field experienced intense production activity, making the Norne benchmark case an ideal candidate to explore the challenges in interpreting complex time-lapse seismic data. The objective of 4D-seismic reservoir analysis is to provide information on the dynamics of fluids and production-induced changes within the reservoir. A common alternative is to invert the seismic data and obtain acoustic impedance variations caused by production activity, and to evaluate their possible interpretations. For this case study, a 4D-inversion scheme is used to invert the base (2001) and monitor (2006) seismic surveys in order to provide field-wide insights for the Norne benchmark case. We extensively interpret the observed 4D inversion anomalies and decouple, as much as possible, the effects of fluid and pressure variations, supported by production and reservoir engineering data. Moreover, we compare the inversion results with the simulation model from the Norne benchmark case (qualitatively and quantitatively) to update the reservoir simulation model. This research is intended as a resource to improve the quality of seismic history matching or other 4D inversion methods applied to the Norne benchmark case, and to demonstrate a detailed time-lapse seismic interpretation of the Norne Field.


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