Hot fracturing fluid technology is able to reduce the viscosity of low viscosity tight oil and effectively avoid the problem of reservoir cold damage. In order to find the influence of different fracturing related parameters on the production performance of MFHW, the temperature field of wellbore and the simulation of the production process of fracturing fluid are established, achieving the result of accurate temperature field by which the temperature change of fracturing fluid from well head to bottom can be made out. The temperature of fracturing fluid has a short-term influence on oil production rate and this effect will last for approximately 3 months, in which period, the oil production rate will reach a peak value which will be twice the amount of the smallest one. After that period, oil production rates would decrease until all oil production rates become the same. The hot fracturing fluid can influence on a 2.5-meter away from fractures area. The shut-in time also has impacts on well production performance. The longer the well is shut in, the lower the cumulative production will get. Besides, if we shut the well in for 1 year, the cumulative production of the well will massively drop.


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