A review is made of traditional methods that have proven popular in aiding exploration for diamonds. Simple pattern recognition technique can be used to locate kimberlite pipes that have a magnetic response. Gravity tensor gradients have also started to be used. Some pre-processing of the potential field geophysics data, beyond careful preparation of gridded data is required. Removing the terrain effects, prior to any attempt at convolution operations is a prerequisite. Intelligent search, inference engines represent an upgrade of technology opportunity for detecting diamond pipes. Automation or searching parametric space to include pipe diameters, depths, topography, density and susceptibility, and variable directions of remanent magnetization vectors. The use of the analytic signal for scalar measurements, or manipulations of the gravity and magnetic tensor gradients is recommended as the causative body anomaly shape is less dependent on factors such as the direction of the magnetic field and remanent magnetization of the kimberlite. An error model can also be added into the mix, so that 3 or more classes can be used to help the discrimination process. The quality of the original geophysical survey and how it has been processed has a very large influence on any possible successful outcome.


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