For the characterisation of both hydrocarbon reservoirs and the surrounding geology, a depth model of the subsurface quantifying the elastic parameters is a desirable product. Full-waveform inversion (FWI) is an iterative approach that updates such initial model by minimising the misfit between real and modelled seismic data. Multicomponent ocean-bottom acquisitions are showing useful specificities in various domains of seismic imaging. In this paper, we compare on a real case (Alwyn North Field, UK, North Sea), pressure and vertical velocity components, when inverting for P-wave velocities with FWI, using large-angle, ocean-bottom data in a shallow-water environment. Vz component did not prove to be more useful than P component, as one could expect from its lower content in water-layer reverberations. P component might even be more useful since it led to a slightly more continuous model and since, unlike Vz component, its good S/N ratio allowed the estimation of a source. Better low frequencies from Vz component might allow us to make better use of Vz specificities.


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