Syn rift sediments of the Northern Song Hong Basin was formed along the two tectonic phases within three stages and composed of four syn rift units. The seismic expression of these syn rift units gives an idea about the linkage of their deposition with different stages of rift evolution. The units deposited during rift climax stage have good source rock potential, whereas the unit deposited in late rift stage possess favorable reservoir facies making a complete petroleum system within syn rift sediments. Core data indicates that the cores represent a Late Oligocene deep lacustrine succession of mainly organic-rich, world class oil-prone source rocks interbedded with mudstones and sandstones. Occasionally, low and high density turbidities, debris and hybrid flows interrupted mud deposition bringing sand into the deep lake bottom forming potential carrier beds and reservoir sandstones.

The syn rift association Petroleum system by predicting reservoir and source rock intervals are fundamental to exploration and can therefore help formulating a predictive exploration model of the Northern Song Hong Basin.


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