Prior to deep water exploration drilling it is important to identify geologic hazards both on the sea bottom and in the overburden that could affect drilling operations. This 5000 sq km case study, from the Angoche basin, offshore Mozambique, covers a deep-water block. High-resolution processing of frequency range 0–250 Hz, provided further detail for shallow-hazard assessment. The key high-resolution processing steps such as 3D deghosting, denoise, regularization & interpolation, imaging and post stack image enhancement techniques provide a clear image of the subsurface and facilitate shallow-hazard identification and interpretation work. This case study demonstrates recent broadband acquisition, processing advancements and careful consideration of the processing parameters enabled generation of high-resolution seismic cubes for shallow-hazard analysis. Interpretation of this shallow hazard data set enabled identification of potential hazards, that includes shallow channels, faults, and mass transport complexes (MTCs). Fine scale imaging provided detailed images of internal deformations within the mass transport complex.


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