Seismic geological structure description is significant for characterizing reservoir, especially unconventional reservoir. In this paper, we propose a workflow to describe seismic geological structures by combing seismic phase attribute and coherence attribute. We first introduce the 2D Riesz transform (RT) to estimate phase attribute, instead of the widely used Hilbert transform (HT). Note that we apply the 2D RT to 2D seismic profile directly, while the HT based method extracts seismic phase attribute trace by trace. Then, we introduce the mutual information (MI) to describe the nonlinear relationship between different seismic traces because the third generation (C3) based algorithm only describes the linear relationship between different seismic traces. Finally, we apply the proposed coherence algorithm to seismic phase attribute computed using the 2D RT. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed workflow, we apply it to synthetic seismogram and 3D field data.


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