BP, Rosneft and WesternGeco jointly developed a new nimble node for land seismic acquisition ( ). The first 3D acquisition using this new system was conducted in Western Siberia, Russia in early 2018 ( ) where the nimble node was tested alongside conventional land cable geophone array equipment for data comparisons. Three data volumes were processed using a robust standard pre-stack time migration workflow. They include the cable system with conventional geophone arrays (50 m inline spacing, 12 geophones per group), the original nimble node survey (5 m inline spacing) and a decimated version of the nimble node survey (50 m inline spacing). The comparisons indicate that the increased sampling at 5 m contributed to improved vertical and spatial data resolution and image quality. Of note, even at 5 m station spacing, the nimble node was deployed twice as fast as the conventional cable geophone arrays ( ). Better image quality together with significant acquisition operational speed improvements make nimble node surveys attractive solutions for land acquisition.


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  1. Brooks, C., A.Ourabah, A.Crosby, T.Manning, J.Naranjo, D.Ablyazina, V.Zhuzhel, E.Holst and V.Husom
    , 2018, 3D field trial using a new nimble node – West Siberia, Russia. 88th annual SEG meeting, Expanded Abstracts, ACQ1.1.
    [Google Scholar]
  2. Manning, T., C.Brooks, A.Ourabah, A.Crosby, M.Popham, D.Ablyazina, V.Zhuzhel, E.Holst and N.Goujon
    , 2018, The case for a nimble node, towards a new land seismic receiver system with unlimited channels, 88th annual SEG meeting, Expanded Abstracts.
    [Google Scholar]

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