Deep water turbidite fields often contain a complex sequence of stacked channel sands with highly variable Net-To-Gross (NTG) and facies types. It is crucial for infill drilling to locate the areas with high and low NTG and understand the spatial distribution of the different types of facies which affect the dynamic performance of the field. Analysis of different Extended Elastic Impedance (EEI) projections helped design the optimum seismic input to One Dimension Stochastic Inversion (ODiSI) and allowed the estimation of NTG and lithology in a deep water turbidite field. Seismic and well log analysis identified a chi (χ) angle of 50 degrees as the best Extended Elastic Impedance (EEI) projection for discriminating between clean sands, shaley sands and shales, while a chi (χ) angle of 150 degrees was identified as the best EEI projection for discriminating between lower porosity basal channel lag sands, and clean and shaley sands. Inverting these two EEI seismic volumes simultaneously using ODiSI resulted in 3D volumes of NTG estimates along with estimates of probabilities of the different facies which match very well with the NTG and facies observed at well locations. These results facilitate infill drilling planning and provide a valuable input for reservoir models.


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