Seismic stratigraphic cube (SSC) is a series of horizon combinations extracted from interface reflection and depositional features, with the purpose of automatically converting the seismic reflection into geological information that is related to the strata interface. It has been employed to palaeostructure analysis. This paper demonstrates a case study which starts with the introduction of the geological background, followed by the dip propagation technique applied to auto-track all sub-layers of the formation of interest, leading to the yield of the stratigraphic slicing volume. The spatial horizon flattening is then performed. A stratigraphic cross section in the travel time or depth domain is converted into a chronostratigraphic chart in the Wheeler domain. The stratigraphic contacts and depositional modes are investigated to understand the relationship between the oil wells and the paleodepositional environment. The study indicates the hydrocarbon-bearing layer is closely linked to the palaeostructure in this area, giving a response to the contradictory of oil-water distribution in different wells. Also, the palaeostructure is applied to predict the hydrocarbon distribution, which has been verified during the following drilling.


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