The work presented here is part of a multidisciplinary research project that aims to develop high fidelity geomodels, of Jurassic hydrocarbon reservoirs in Saudi Arabia, suitable for IOR/EOR reservoir simulation studies through careful integration of outcrop and subsurface data. An integrated petrophysical and rock mechanics characterization of 35 meters outcrop well cores from the Upper Jubaila section was performed, which provides an analogue to the lower Arab-D reservoir unit. Preliminary petrographic analysis indicated a strong diagenetic overprint of the core by telogenetic products. The diagenetic factors as well as the rock mechanical and petrophysical properties are the main controls on the fine-scale mechanical stratigraphy. The findings from this study will contribute to the development of high fidelity geomodels of Jurassic hydrocarbon reservoirs in Saudi Arabia, suitable for IOR/EOR reservoir simulation studies.


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