We propose a novel high-order time-space domain FD scheme for modelling 3D acoustic wave equation on unequally spaced grids. A new stencil containing grid points both on the axis and off the axis is proposed to approximate the fourth-order temporal derivative on unequally spaced grids and it is incorporated into the high-order spatial FD. The plane wave analysis is used to derive the time-space domain dispersion relation and the Tayler expansion is utilized to compute the FD coefficients. The new scheme is high-order accurate in both time and space, and achieves fourth-order accuracy along all the directions. More importantly, the new scheme is applicable for modelling on arbitrarily spaced grids. Dispersion analysis and modelling examples show the advantages of our scheme over both the conventional space-domain and time-space domain FD when modelling on the unequally and equally spaced grids, respectively.


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