Time-domain numerical solution of the 3D acoustic wave equation is essential part of seismic imaging procedures such as FWI and RTM. Due to numerical dispersion error, we need to design accurate numerical schemes. Although high-order schemes are effective in treating the problem, but are not computationally efficient. In this study we suggest an accurate method for solution of 3D acoustic wave equation based on second-order implicit finite-difference scheme. To achieve this goal, we combine three different version of Laplacian operators along with mass matrix un-lumping. By minimizing dispersion error, we obtain optimized coefficients corresponding to each CFL number. The accurate second-order scheme leads to a compact stencil with 27 nodal points. According to the numerical tests this scheme can simulate waves propagation in different direction accurately for different CFL numbers. Due to compact characteristics of the used 27-point scheme it requires minimum computational cost comparing to the high-order ones.


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