Ultra-long offset stationary-receiver acquisitions implemented with multi-component Ocean Bottom Nodes (OBN) are emerging as a suitable technology for deep offshore subsalt imaging by full waveform inversion (FWI). Ultra-long offsets allow to undershoot the deepest targeted structures with diving waves. In this framework, first-arrival traveltime + slope tomography (FASTT) provides a simple and efficient tool to build kinematically-accurate initial velocity model for full waveform inversion (FWI). In particular, the incorporation of slopes in the first-arrival tomography in addition to traveltimes removes artifacts in poorly illuminated areas and better reconstruct structural dips. Either the FASTT or the FWI velocity models can be used as reliable background models for prestack depth migration of co-incident towed-streamer data. However, the high resolution of the FWI velocity model facilitates the integrated interpretation of the reflectivity mapped by migration and the intermediate-scale velocity variations reconstructed by waveform inversion. We illustrate the workflow combining first-arrival tomography + FWI of ultra-long offset OBN data and migration of co-incident towed-streamer data with a challenging deep crustal case study in the eastern Nankai subduction zone.


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