We think there are two factors affecting production capacity: the first is the sweet spot, such as brittleness, TOC, porosity, pressure, fractures, and the second is the engineering, such as fracturing, micro seismic monitor. Only when these two factors form a good combination, we can ensure the shale gas production capacity is maximize. This is similar to our plumage. The more the natural fractures, the better for fracturing? In the actual micro-seismic monitoring, we find that the micro-seismic events vary widely in places where the reservoir elastic parameters vary greatly. So can we build a relationship between the elastic parameters and micro seismic events? And can we use seismic/micro seismic results to make a warning for engineering? From Elastic parameters to Event magnitude, and to guide engineering, making a Engineering warning, and finally, we told the site how to fracture, When to increase construction scale, when to reduce, stop and so on.

Similarly, we can also building the same relationship between other reservoir properties and micro seismic events, such as fractures, brittleness.


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  1. WeiLiu, GangYu, YushengZhang
    . [2018] Integrated Geology Sweet Spot and Microseismic Monitor to Optimize Reservoir Stimulation -A Case for Shale Gas, China -GEO 2018 13th middle east geosciences conference and exhibition, 2018.
    [Google Scholar]

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