Identification of reflectors in formation is a research focus in reservoir evaluation with single borehole acoustic reflection imaging method. Through improving the constraint conditions, the high-resolution Radon transform has been introduced to eliminate the trailing phenomenon and to concentrate energy of transformed signal in Radon domain, which can simplify the extraction and preserve the energy of reflected wave. Combining the extracted reflections and appropriate velocity models, the imaging quality and resolution can be enhanced to distinguish fractures, vugs and geological structures. In the images, a fracture appears in a form of shortly bending interface, while a vug appears as an isolated point. Based on these conclusions, the high-resolution imaging method is used to evaluate reservoirs in central part of China. The results indicate that the images can give detail information about reflectors near borehole within around 20 metres. Moreover, features of imaging results in gas reservoir have been investigated with field data. It is found that the oil-gas valent weight linearly increases with the increasing of reflection energy, accordingly, the energy can be taken as an effective indicator of gas reservoir.


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