Attenuation is a well-known phenomenon in seismic. For tens of years, this has not been compensated or partially compensated with an inaccuracy that would not be accepted for any other processing steps. Most often, only a phase de-absorption with a constant Q value was applied and the amplitude absorption was compensated with spectral enhancement. This was considered as acceptable until today since the frequency bandwidth was limited to around 2 octaves and the effect of this de-absorption was not clearly observed as an improvement or adrawback. Today, the market has moved forward and the broadband seismic has become a standard. The consequence is that the bandwidth may now be spread over up to 5 octaves depending on the area and the burial of investigation. This wider frequency bandwidth is naturally unbalanced according to the magnitude of the absorption. In order to deliver the promises of the broadband (resolution), compensating the absorption is not an option anymore. It has become a processing step of a major importance that will impact the resolution, the phase and the overall “aspect” of the final result that the end-user will interpret or use to extract some attribute through AVO analysis or inversion processes.


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