Multi-component seismic data processing of a 3D 3C dataset for sand filled channels and rock property identification via PP/PS joint inversion: A case history.

In this case history, we present improvements in sand filled channel identification and associated fracture detection, including fracture density and orientation. This was achieved by performing seismic data processing of vertical component (PP) and converted wave (PS) data for a 3D 3C dataset.

A superior quality image of the P-wave using 3D 3C data will be demonstrated by the robustness of the applied processing sequence and consistency of the utilized processing and Q.C. tools. In addition, we will demonstrate in detail the converted wave measured from the horizontal component processing.

Incorporating the interpreter's geological knowledge into the processing workflow is extremely crucial where intermingling of the data processing sequence, algorithms and geological knowledge plays a major role in obtaining successful final PS data results. Integrating PP / PS images by introducing both components in one processed solution should alleviate the interpretation challenges at the target reservoir interval, due to the added precision in elastic properties derivation through the PP/PS joint inversion process.


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