The K-Horizon is a well-known seismic reflection structure of regional extent in the Larderello area. The geological nature of the K-Horizon is unknown though. It is supposed to be a geothermal reservoir where supercritical conditions could to be possible (~450°C temperature). We demonstrate the principally high potential of 3D seismic imaging and inversion for characterizing location and structure of deep reservoir. Depth uncertainties can be strongly reduced by incorporating vertical seismic profiling, lab and field studies of seismic anisotropy and numerical thermal modeling in the interpretational procedure. The K-Horizon seems to represent a pair of thin alternating high-and low-velocity-zones, the uppermost of which can be identified with a drilled dry zone of strongly decreased strength.


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  1. Bertani, R., Büsing, H., Buske, S., Dini, A., Hjelstuen, M., Luchini, M., Manzell, A., Nybo, R., Rabbel, W., & Serniotti, L. and the DESCRAMBLE Science and Technology Team
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    [Google Scholar]
  2. Büsing, H., Gola, G., Montegrossi, G., and Niedrau, J.
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    [Google Scholar]
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